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Wound Care

Household accidents can cause unexpected cuts, burns, and other types of wounds that need prompt medical attention. LTH Family Medicine provides superior wound care services in your home to ensure your skin heals fully. Kashaelyn Hollins-Henderson, DNP, APRN, FNP-C, also specializes in the evaluation and treatment of diabetic ulcers and other wounds that relate to an underlying disease. Kashaelyn uses advanced wound care techniques to minimize your risk of scarring and prevent the loss of tissue. Call the Desoto, Texas, office today to schedule a wound care consultation or book an appointment online.

What is wound care?

Wound care includes medical services to treat and manage open wounds that develop from unexpected accidents, underlying medical conditions, and surgery.

LTH Family Medicine provides comprehensive wound care services for adults aged 18 and up.  Kashaelyn supports the full healing of your wound and provides ongoing care to prevent infection and other wound-related complications.

Wound care services are available in the convenience of your own home or through the online telemedicine platform. You don’t have to travel to the office unless you need lab work as part of your wound evaluation. 

Why would I need wound care?

You can benefit from the wound care services available at LTH Family Medicine if you experience a non-life-threatening open wound like:

  • Burns
  • Abrasions
  • Punctures
  • Lacerations
  • Diabetic ulcers

If you have a major wound that bleeds excessively or an open head wound, you should seek immediate medical attention at the nearest emergency room or call 911. Kashaelyn can provide the after-care services you need after your hospital discharge.

Prompt wound care is important for any type of serious wound, especially if you have underlying medical conditions like diabetes that interfere with your natural wound healing processes. Delaying treatment for a diabetic ulcer or other type of open wound can increase your risk for potentially life-threatening complications.

What happens during a wound care appointment?

During a wound care appointment, Kashaelyn assesses the type of wound you have and its severity. She may take a sample of your blood to check for underlying infection and other complications.

Additional wound care services may include:

  • Wound cleaning
  • Fluid drainage
  • Removal of damaged tissue (debridement)
  • Wound dressing or bandaging

Kashaelyn can also apply a topical medication to ease any discomfort the wound causes and support the healing of your skin. She might prescribe oral or injectable antibiotics to clear an existing infection or prevent one from developing. Kashaelyn also teaches you how to care for your wound properly at home.

During routine follow-up appointments online or in your home, Kashaelyn monitors the healing of your skin. She offers resources, including chronic disease management, to lower your risk for additional wounds that result from diabetes or other chronic health conditions.

Call LTH Family Medicine today to schedule a wound care consultation or book an appointment online.